The gap between offensive and defensive capabilities is getting wider.


58% of organizations predict remote workers will expose them to data breach risk.


The average cost was $1.07 million higher in breaches where remote work was a cause factor.

287 days

The average time for an organization to identify and contain a data breach is 287 days.


Actionable threat intelligence with strong SOC integration

Today’s threats come in all shapes and sizes. The Cluster25 team delivers accurate and actionable global and tailored data to protect organizations from breaches.


Holistic approach 

Members of the Cluster25 team are specialized in hunting, collecting, analyzing, and reverse-engineering cyber threats. They develop technologies and tools for attribution, classification, and categorization of malicious artifacts to deliver unique cybersecurity insights.


Continuously updated knowledge base

Cluster25 performs in-depth research and shares the findings and insights about the tools, techniques, and procedures threat actors use to break into organizations around the world.


How can Intelligence as a Service help you in your role?

By using threat intelligence insights in a tactical or strategic manner, organizations of all sizes can empower their managers to improve the security of corporate assets.


Detect patterns and gain information on the evolving Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) on the threat landscape.


Optimize the processes and procedures in place, enabling the team with tools for faster and more efficient operation.


Gain valuable insights to ensure an informed strategic outlook and enable efficient decision-making.


Adopt a strategic business outlook that ensures the integrity and protection of the company assets.



Intelligence as a Service Modules

Attack Surface Intelligence

The threat landscape is expanding into the new corporate perimeter. Businesses require blind spots visibility to enable efficient attack surface management.



Being able to evaluate the identity exposure is essential for the prevention of attacks targeting the remote workforce. Powered by strong intel, businesses can defend against identity fraud and respond to compromises before business impact.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Continuous patching puts significant pressure on your security team. Providing the necessary context enables them to rank vulnerabilities’ risk level for the business and significantly reduce downtime.

Takedown Service

Phishing attacks on remote workers have caused a security breach in 20% of organizations. Avoid threats posed by malicious and phishing domains, protecting your people, brand, and organization.


Triage / Investigation

A holistic and comprehensive overview of the evolution and connections among domains, IPs, and files helps put together the puzzle of attackers’ infrastructures and predict developing threats for the business.


Join the Cluster25 team

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